Ford Transit F150 XLT

Yup, we upgraded.  It was time to get a bigger van. and our old van was on it’s last leg so it was perfect timing.  Nancy hates it but I love it.  She said we should have gotten a suburban or something hideous like that.  I can stand up in it and not touch the roof.  There was nothing worse than trying to get into the old minivan without hitting your head on the headliner and elbowing everyone in the process.  I do miss the automatic doors and how you can lower those sliding door windows but those were more things to break and I was done fixing things that would eventually break.  And if any of you have “many” kids you know how much you gear can pile up.  I remember going on a trip for a family event and we had to bring two porta’ cribs, a double stroller, and of course our clothes.  It was not pretty.