Single Dad

Nancy is off to Dallas to visit Sephora’s call center there.  She’ll be gone for 12 days.  And today is her birthday.  When she arrived at her hotel she went out for dinner at Denny’s.  It was the only place open.  They give you a free Grand Slam on your birthday, she ordered the chicken.  Good for you , honey!

I am missing my wife very much. I am already feeling the incompleteness already closing in.  And Spencer and Eva, I feel like they are missing their mom.  Earlier tonight Eva kept pointing upstairs and whimpering a bit.   She’s used to her mom being home at a certain time.  They need their mom’s kind heart and soft words.  I’m all about getting them consistent in a firm way.  This is only the tip of a very big iceberg to the reasons why it is important to have parents for children.  I’ve been a stay at home dad for just about three years now I can say that no matter how one feels prepared to be a single parent you’re always going to be missing something.  I applaud those who are single parents, it’s got to be one of the hardest jobs to have.

I can’t wait for Nancy to come home.

iPhone 4 Adventure (8/20/2008)

Nancy is getting the new iPhone 4 today. I’m not so excited since it won’t be my phone, sniffle, sniffle. But I thought to document the whole process of getting one since AT&T is so prone to bad customer service. We have to go to the AT&T store instead of the Apple store because I get a 50% discount on accessories and will definitely have to get a case for it. And it’s probably less crazy in an AT&T store instead of an Apple store as far as the kids are concerned. So here we go to Emeryville for an iPhone and some a cool Train visit for Spencer.

Update 10:39am

Out of stock! Tried the AT&T store as well but they are only take pre-orders. I broke my own rule about calling first. They recommended I call the Apple store in Downtown SF between 11:30 and 3. Weird. Going to the Emeryville Market for some Thai food.

Update 11:00

At the Amtrak station there’s this bridge that you take an elevator up to. When we got in Spencer says, “Smells like poo poo daddy.” This is what I call a S.K.S.E. moment – Smart Kid , Stinky Elevator.

Update 11:45