Nancy is getting the new iPhone 4 today. I’m not so excited since it won’t be my phone, sniffle, sniffle. But I thought to document the whole process of getting one since AT&T is so prone to bad customer service. We have to go to the AT&T store instead of the Apple store because I get a 50% discount on accessories and will definitely have to get a case for it. And it’s probably less crazy in an AT&T store instead of an Apple store as far as the kids are concerned. So here we go to Emeryville for an iPhone and some a cool Train visit for Spencer.

Update 10:39am

Out of stock! Tried the AT&T store as well but they are only take pre-orders. I broke my own rule about calling first. They recommended I call the Apple store in Downtown SF between 11:30 and 3. Weird. Going to the Emeryville Market for some Thai food.

Update 11:00

At the Amtrak station there’s this bridge that you take an elevator up to. When we got in Spencer says, “Smells like poo poo daddy.” This is what I call a S.K.S.E. moment – Smart Kid , Stinky Elevator.

Update 11:45

Called and iPhones are available in the city. Yes! Looked up the Ferry schedule on my iPhone 3gs 🙁 and the next ferry will be departing at 12:25, crap. Hurrying to feed the kids some “Curry Let’s Go” extra messy and some “Pad Thai noodles over frustration.” I think this might be a bad idea to go into the city unprepared.

Update 12:22pm

On our way on the train. Hopefully we get one. Plus side is that we’re taking BART and Spencer is ecstatic. Down side is we’re skipping naps.

Update 12:56pm

At the Apple store. Line is super long. Haven’t moved in five minutes. Does not look good. Kids are going to hate me. Leaving now.

Update 1:22am

Went to visit Nancy at work. Going to try this again another day. Whew.

Update 2:12pm

No ticket on my car! Yay! I only had change for an hour! Thank you God! “Too many exclamation points!”, Darwin exclaimed.

Update 2:36pm

At home now. Wasn’t such a great idea to go to the city for this kind of errand with the kiddos. Spencer was fine but Eva got tired of being in the stroller. One great thing having kids has taught me is infinite patience and how not to be embarrassed in public. As a reward I’d like an iPhone 4 please. Preferably one without a huge line and smelly elevators. I’m taking a nap.