Flashback, Sayo 2007 Christmas Letter.

Flashback, Sayo 2007 Christmas Letter.

Hi Everyone,

Merry Christmas and we hope you have a Happy New Year.

2007 was a great year for the Sayo Family. Nancy spent 9 excruciating months of the year pregnant with our beautiful baby boy, Spencer Sebastian. He emerged into the world kicking and screaming after 2 days of talking him into coming out. He weighed 8 lbs and 4 oz and he looks like his Daddy. We have spent the last 7 weeks or so playing house with our little guy. Spencer is a great baby. He cries for three reasons. He needs to eat (Nancy’s job) – to be changed (Darwin’s job) – or he’s uncomfortable (change positions.) We’ve come to recognize his cries so we know what he needs. Last week marked his first week of sleeping through the night. Darwin has now decided that we can keep him.

Last year, Darwin quit working at Veolia Transportation and took a job in San Francisco at a law firm as a Technology Analyst. In March, Nancy got a job as the Training and QA Supervisor with Sephora.com. Darwin was less than thrilled with his position and Nancy loved her new job that came with a bunch of free makeup, so in August,Darwin retired from the law firm due to the fact that they refused to promote him to Lawyer. He finally has his knee surgery after sustaining an injury while playing semi-pro football at the Garber Bowl four years ago. Nancy went on Maternity leave in September so we both are home now with the baby. Nancy will go back to work in January and Darwin will start his new career as a stay-at-home Dad. Spencer has all sorts of fun to look forward to with his Daddy. Darwin is looking forward to playing football and playing dinosaurs.

Next year will be eventful and we are looking forward to it. Nancy’s brother Chad will be getting married in January. (We couldn’t believe it either!!) We’ll be heading down to San Diego for the wedding and making a vacation out of it. We are planning a trip abroad in the summer. Originally we were going to head to Australia, but it turns out that Australia is one of the most expensive vacation destinations…ever. We might go to Ireland. Nancy wants to go to Brazil. As you can see, we really can’t decide but we’re saving for our big trip wherever it ends up being. Nancy will also be going to Dallas for a few weeks for work. We’re not sure when but we’re hoping Darwin and Spencer can tag along. Of course, we’d also like to visit the family in Oklahoma this year. Basically, we’ll be traveling a lot in 2008.

Finally, we’d like to say thank you to all of you who were praying for us this year. It started out a bit tumultuous but God took care of us and the year ended most wonderfully. We have a beautiful baby, health insurance and a cool new digital camera!! Visit our website at http://picasaweb.google.com/darwin.sayo for pictures of every random thing Darwin photographs. (Oh, and more pictures of the baby!!) We love you all very much and wish you a wonderful Christmas.

Darwin, Nancy and Baby Spencer


Number three?

Number three?

We’re horrible at keeping secrets.  But we all know the power of prayer so the earlier people can start praying for us the better.

Yes, we’re expecting Baby Sayo #3!  It’s about time if you ask me.  But I’m not the one that’s going to have the baby but Nancy is such a trooper. She doesn’t whine or complain no matter how hard it gets. Always positive because I truly believe that negativity is so contagious to people around you and to the baby.  We’re a little nervous about the practical things but all that is usually taken care of.  Nancy is already starting to feel lousy and I think I am getting sympathy crappyness as well if that’s possible.  Spencer will have to be doing double duty once the baby is born late May.   Big brother has to help big time.  I think it’s a girl, Nancy thinks it’s a boy but she’s always wrong and three of our family members have had dreams of baby #3 being a girl.  Don’t forget to take the poll on the right. Very exciting. We’re looking for in-utero names so please give us some ideas.

Update: Sonogram Picture.  We’ll find out if it’s a boy or a girl in two weeks.

Single Dad

Nancy is off to Dallas to visit Sephora’s call center there.  She’ll be gone for 12 days.  And today is her birthday.  When she arrived at her hotel she went out for dinner at Denny’s.  It was the only place open.  They give you a free Grand Slam on your birthday, she ordered the chicken.  Good for you , honey!

I am missing my wife very much. I am already feeling the incompleteness already closing in.  And Spencer and Eva, I feel like they are missing their mom.  Earlier tonight Eva kept pointing upstairs and whimpering a bit.   She’s used to her mom being home at a certain time.  They need their mom’s kind heart and soft words.  I’m all about getting them consistent in a firm way.  This is only the tip of a very big iceberg to the reasons why it is important to have parents for children.  I’ve been a stay at home dad for just about three years now I can say that no matter how one feels prepared to be a single parent you’re always going to be missing something.  I applaud those who are single parents, it’s got to be one of the hardest jobs to have.

I can’t wait for Nancy to come home.

iPhone 4 Adventure Part 2 (8/21/20010)

Ok, trying again. So far, 9:50am, the only stores open at 9am are Radio Shacks. I have called every radio shack in a 20 mile radius. All 18 of them. Three have the 32gb which is quite promising but not willing to pay the extra $$. I’ve also put my name on a waiting list at our Radio Shack in our mall. The lady there says I am number 11 on the list. Waiting for 10am to come by so I can call our WalMart.

Decided, after calling every Wal Mart and every Best Buy, that it’s just better to wait. I put my name on a list at our Radio Shack. Hopefully I’ll get a call soon. Ugh.