We’re horrible at keeping secrets.  But we all know the power of prayer so the earlier people can start praying for us the better.

Yes, we’re expecting Baby Sayo #3!  It’s about time if you ask me.  But I’m not the one that’s going to have the baby but Nancy is such a trooper. She doesn’t whine or complain no matter how hard it gets. Always positive because I truly believe that negativity is so contagious to people around you and to the baby.  We’re a little nervous about the practical things but all that is usually taken care of.  Nancy is already starting to feel lousy and I think I am getting sympathy crappyness as well if that’s possible.  Spencer will have to be doing double duty once the baby is born late May.   Big brother has to help big time.  I think it’s a girl, Nancy thinks it’s a boy but she’s always wrong and three of our family members have had dreams of baby #3 being a girl.  Don’t forget to take the poll on the right. Very exciting. We’re looking for in-utero names so please give us some ideas.

Update: Sonogram Picture.  We’ll find out if it’s a boy or a girl in two weeks.