Sayo Number Five – What I Pack

Sayo Number Five – What I Pack

So this will be our fifth baby! But that doesn’t mean I know what I’m doing.  Especially this time when we haven’t done this in quite a while.  I’d like to share with you what I’m bringing with me.


  1. Bag (Camera Backpack)
  2. Camera (Canon 6D with 24-105)
  3. Lens (50mm 1.4)
  4. Extra camera battery
  5. iPhone
  6. iPad
  7. Wall adapter for iDevices
  8. Socks
  9. T-Shirt
  10. Electric razor
  11. Toothbrush
  12. Money and some change
  13. Personal business cards
  14. Pill container with Advil and allergy pills
  15. Rosary
  16. Ring rosary

Yes, I am very digital. Having a baby, in my experience, and as the dad, is a waiting game and a “social” experience.  We’ll try not to overshare but we give no guarantees. And pictures (photographer rant incoming)!  I don’t know about you but getting good pictures of the whole experience is key!  I look at those pictures time and time again. Smartphones today take great pictures but are lousy in low light so you get blurry pictures or the flash going off blinding everyone involved!   Video is even worse in low light.  So I’m coming prepared.  Another thing that’s important?  A shave. My kids hate stubble, “Owy! Your face hurt me daddy!” A

Tahoe Trip

We took a weekend off and went to Lake Tahoe and it was pretty fun.  Half vacation half anniversary getaway.  It’s always good to go on a trip with the kids once and a while to renew the reasons why we shouldn’t go on trips with our kids. Eva didn’t sleep too well because she’s not used to a room being so quiet.  Spencer on the other had had a blast just being in the hotel jumping from bed to bed, table to table.  We did get to eat quite well.  Everything was comped which says a lot for my mom’s gambling luck.

Here’s the finale of the Labor Day fireworks show on top of the Harvey’s parking lot.

I personally like road trips but the trip back home really tested my patience.  It took an extra hour and a half to get back home.  The plus side is that you can really rediscover the scenery when you’re going four miles an hour.  But we keep going out with them. Go figure.

Carpet Sharks!

“Daddy, get in da boat!”


I did not know that there was such a thing.  I thought I made it up.  Poor kids probably knew all about it.