We took a weekend off and went to Lake Tahoe and it was pretty fun.  Half vacation half anniversary getaway.  It’s always good to go on a trip with the kids once and a while to renew the reasons why we shouldn’t go on trips with our kids. Eva didn’t sleep too well because she’s not used to a room being so quiet.  Spencer on the other had had a blast just being in the hotel jumping from bed to bed, table to table.  We did get to eat quite well.  Everything was comped which says a lot for my mom’s gambling luck.

Here’s the finale of the Labor Day fireworks show on top of the Harvey’s parking lot.

I personally like road trips but the trip back home really tested my patience.  It took an extra hour and a half to get back home.  The plus side is that you can really rediscover the scenery when you’re going four miles an hour.  But we keep going out with them. Go figure.